Garden Tour

Yesterday felt like Spring, so does today. Tomorrow 30mm of rain is expected and the 7 day forecast tells of Winter weather. I am pretending that isn’t happening. Yesterday I planted a heap more seeds. I transplanted my Rosemary that I took from cuttings in early Winter. I transplanted some climbing beans. I generally just spent the day cruising round the garden soaking in the warmth and light.

Little things like this flower give me such joy, it is surely the happiest looking flower. Right up there with Sunflowers for happiness!


This right here is future pesto. I cannot wait til I can have basil, tomato and goats cheese on a cracker. I am salivating just thinking of it.



I love when you try to take a photo of the just about to open buds on your pear tree but Baby chick (Cricket) just has to see what you are up to and it confuses the camera as to what to focus on.


The other pear and apple trees are not ready to bloom, just this one. Oh the anticipation! I LOVE SPRING!!!


Some more happy looking flowers.



This is the transplanted Rosemary.


I am hoping to create a hedge, I transplanted 3 babies. The Winter flowers can provide food for my bees (I start my course next week, the bees arrive in October or November, I can’t remember, must look into that…) This is my one main plant that I took the cutting from, the bees were loving the sun yesterday!


The garden is looking a little sad, this is what happens when you allow your flowers to go to seed. Then you allow those seeds to sit in the soil. Then you allow them to grow. Then you allow them to go wild, growing not just in the soil but between the pavers and any crack or crevice they could find. In my defense, I love looking at green. The wildness is just a counter point to the structure of having raised beds. It would be too boring if it was all paved pathways and lovely raised beds. So really I am doing the garden a favour allowing it to grow wild…

You can’t even see in this picture all the self sown Nasturtiums that have taken over some of the other pathways. It really is out of control! In the above photo I have places where I can still step and make my way through this mess. The Nasturtiums, well, I just don’t use those paths…

The garlic is starting to fatten up.


The Winter stuff is starting to bore me. I am done with Kale and Silverbeet, don’t need to eat another cauliflower or broccoli for a while. This is why I don’t grow these things through out Summer. Come Winter I am ready for them again. Every now and then I allow a Silver beet in the Summer garden but it really is just for the chickens.

I have 5 beds, except for the garlic filled one they all look kinda like this. Except the others have plants in all 4 quadrants. This bed the back doesn’t get any sun in Winter so I don’t plant in it.

A little Watercress to add to my Rocket to have with my boiled eggs. Now that the ladies have started laying I can finally eat eggs again! Have I mentioned that I love Spring? We are getting 1-3 eggs a day. From 6 chickens that is atrocious but coming from no eggs a day in Winter I count this as a win!!!

img_4765The watercress is quite young. It is growing pretty quickly, I am hoping to add it to all future salads. Must plant some lettuce seeds…

That is about all that is going on here. Now I am off to plant some potatoes and a trial batch of peanuts. Wish me luck.


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