Indoor Plants

I decided I wanted some indoor plants, I didn’t want to buy them so I began researching how to take cuttings. Then by a stroke of good fortune I was alerted to someone moving state who wasn’t taking their plants with them. I became their custodian.

I have killed half of them.

While I can happily grow nearly anything outdoors, indoors, I have a black thumb.

Here follows my house plants:

This one I repotted and it is thriving.


The others are not so happy. I have killed the initial one, killed the replacement and am now onto the third one now and it don’t look good!

The one on the left has been replaced multiple times and looks miserable right now. The one on the right just keeps holding on. It was a luscious maiden hair fern. Now not so much….
It could still come back from here, surely!


This is Ralph, he is the original house plant, I have kept him alive (just) for years. He has looked like he will die on at least a dozen occassions. He still doesn’t look amazing….


Don’t know what this one is, it is the only other success.


I blame the cats for this one, they keep eating it. I have replaced it twice. Fairly sure it can’t come back from this…



I would like to have luscious healthy indoor plants. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I know the first few casualties were from over watering. I thought they were thirsty, I kept watering, they looked thirstier,  I watered more. They were never thirsty but drowning. Who knew? Certainly not I.

I did buy this one, I like the structural look of its leaves. This too is happy.












The labels on the plants that I have purchased say they are easy to care for. I am finding them easy to kill. Anyone know of a super hardy indoor plant that I will struggle to kill??



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