Her first egg!!

At 7am last weekend I got a text message from my neighbour. “I can hear your rooster crowing”. I was at work. I called my sister who was at home. She verified. Rooster like noises.

I had heard the odd noise that I thought sounded vaguely rooster-ish but I was the only one that had heard it, so I convinced myself that I was losing my mind. But this was on repeat, no denying. Strangled Rooster.

She doesn’t sound exactly like a rooster more like a strangled adolescent rooster. It ain’t pretty on the ears. Worth googling if you have time, the videos are pretty accurate. Trust me I did some googling! Does a rooster squat? Can girl chickens crow? Can a chicken be both a girl and a boy? Can you get roosters that don’t crow? Some fairly irrational googling!

Lucky for her she also laid her first egg that day!!

It is tiny!!!!! She has now laid 3 eggs. The rooster noise is unrelated to egg laying. She just rips it out when she feels like it. Quite inconvenient….


If the other ladies would deign to lay an egg I could have shown just how small these are compared to a normal sized egg but they don’t believe the days are long enough just yet. They are tiny. You’ll just have to believe me 🙂

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