Seed planning

My favourite time of year, aside from the first tomato, and the first cucumber and that feeling when you step outside and the air is warm on your face. Or when you get out of bed and go straight outside without first having to put on 18 more layers of clothes, I love that. It turns out I have a few favourite things but one of them is certainly Spring seed planning.

The days are cold and miserable, I am starting to think Winter may never leave. My plans for the garden are overflowing but I can’t put any of them into action because of the frost and the cold soil temperature. To counteract this sense of stillness I spent a portion of yesterday planning my seeds. I love love love doing this. It is almost as though by planning my planting Spring has permission to come. Once the seeds are in soil Spring is close, even if the weather doesn’t reflect it just yet.

Of course I want to plant all of the varieties of melons, beans, tomatoes, pumpkins etc that I have but I don’t have the space. I also never remember in July that in February I am so sick of watering and tending to so many plants but right now that doesn’t seem possible so it seems like a future me problem. Right now I want to buy so many more plants and have 100 varieties of tomato, 20 of melons, bean bushes for days….

In preparation for this I have spent time digging up grass in part of the yard to increase my growing area. My sister helped with the mattocking, gosh I hate mattocking. I have left it sitting for a couple of months, last weekend I turned all the soil over which I hope will kill the weeds and dug in a heap of my compost. The amount of worms I found while digging through this area thrilled me. I have never had that level of worm presence in my raised garden beds. I may turn the soil again and relocate some of the worms to the veggie garden.


This bonus area will allow me to grow more melons and potatoes than ever before! I am always utterly delighted and suprised when I take compost from the compost bin. It never fails to thrill me that my food scraps and the chicken house bedding turn into dirt! Real, glorious, lively SOIL despite my lack of care!!! This is going to grow some great food 🙂

I am going to go plant the seeds in the green house now. Yes it is too early. Yes I am nuts.  Bring on Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Seed planning

    1. I have some bulbs blooming too which is pretty exciting. There has been the odd day where it felt as though Spring was coming. Today – miserable, dark, cold, raining… I am really ready for Spring. It hasn’t been a bad Winter I just really want it to finish. Jealous of your hot weather and sunshine!!!!

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      1. Haha I wouldn’t be too jealous – we’re back to clouds and rain today. Though I’m nursing a cold this week so I actually prefer being able to smuggle up with a blanket and a steaming mug of tea!

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