Chicken house decor

A few days ago I watched a tv show called “The Hoarder Next Door” nothing motivates me to clean and declutter like hoarding shows do. They make me want to be a minimalist. So I tackled a portion of the top of my wardrobe that I rarely use (too short…) and I found my bunting!!!

It finally made it to the chicken coop. I feel all chicken coops should have bunting, it really jazzes the place up! This is not as long as I would like but I am too lazy to add any more to it (despite having plentiful supplies of the materials).

The ladies thought I had treats for them and huddled around. They were wrong…

The plant pot on the chicken run is where I thought I would grow nasturtiums last year, they were going to gracefully drape over the top and down the side to protect the ladies from the hot afternoon sun. Turns out a black container in the hot Australian sun needs more watering than I give. It did not survive.

This year (last week) I decided to try a different approach and use the surely fertile ground in their yard and try to grow the plant up the side of the run. I am sure I have mentioned that my chickens don’t respect my gardening efforts, ever. So I went to the thrift store and bought an old fruit bowl. I pulled a volunteer nasturtium out of the veggie garden and moved it to its new home. For a whole week now it has survived peck free. My idea is that even if the chickens peck the top bits, the bottom will still survive and they can’t dig it out (this is their most frequent method for killing my plants).


Completely unrelated to chicken coop decor :

My first passionfruit is growing!!!



The first bulbs are almost ready to open, I am so excited! I am itching to start my Spring planting plan. I think I will this weekend 🙂




5 thoughts on “Chicken house decor

    1. Thank you! As of yesterday there is one peck mark missing. I am hoping that when Spring comes it grows so rapidly that it survives. Wait and see… I planted some more plants in their area yesterday but fenced them off. Hopefully they survive too. Those chickens just don’t see the big picture that I see!

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