I decided the pantry needed to be tackled. It is out of control. I have too much stuff in there. I felt the solution to all of my pantry problems would be to get some of the large glass containers out of there. My thoughts were: Maybe I could build something. I could buy some wood and just make what I want.

Then I worked out what I wanted. 12 glass jars out of the pantry, they are 1.8L in size so quite large. 3 Shelves high, 4 jars wide, a set of shelves. I measured the jars, I made a plan. I asked my engineer brother if this would topple over the moment I put all the containers on it. I worried it would be too tall, but I wanted to have ample hand room to grab each jar. He said it should be fine, he didn’t even laugh at my drawings…

Then I saw a pile of wooden pallets free to good home outside a tile factory. Free you say. Free. That is my favourite. Plus it is reusing something that has already served its purpose. Plus then I didn’t have to buy virgin wood. And it was free…

So after a long period of stop start work and massive procrastination I finally finished the shelves. I have no wood working skills so many lessons were learned. Essentially it was free. I had the screws in the shed from my grandfather. The stain was purchased to stain our coffee table.

These aren’t very good photos but I am happy with the results of the shelves.


I may still stain the bits of wood I put under each shelf to add stability and strength

Sadly it has not helped the pantry problem at all. I don’t understand how this is possible. But it is true. But it is stronger and more stable than I dared hope for. I do try to keep the heavier things at the bottom just to be safe. It has been in use for about 2 weeks now and it hasn’t fallen over, I haven’t got a splinter, it is so much easier to access the jars than when they were in the pantry. All round a success.

My other sister has decided that she would like a set to use as a book shelf for her birthday in August. I don’t think she has a clue how long they took me to make…


3 thoughts on “DIY

      1. Haha yes they would be great for planning shopping! I hate having to half empty the pantry shelves to figure out whether we have a particular item tucked away right at the back.


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