Solar panels

With all the lovely sun that we have been getting I have been avidly watching my energy meter. I have a 2 kW solar panel set up on the roof.


I love to watch how much is being made, how much we are using, and what is being fed into the grid.


I am feeling quite disgruntled after getting the last energy bill. We buy at 26 cents per kWh but we sell our excess at 6.2 cents per kWh. To me this is crazy. Plus they can change the price they give us at any point (see addit :(). Not long after they were installed a letter came in the mail saying they had decided to drop it from 8 cents to 6.2. Rude! Anyway, back to the last bill. Usage was 330 kWh and we sold back 330Wh. Electricity neutral essentially. But due to this ridiculous discrepancy in cost between buying and selling and the stupid supply fee the bill was $173.

I just found another bill from earlier, we used 310kWh and sold back 800 kWh. Bill of $130. This makes my blood boil.

People who got solar before 2011 were locked into this brilliant scheme that lasts till 2024 and won’t be altered til then (unless they alter their setup) and they get paid 60 cents per kWh. So they generally make money from their solar panels. I wish wish wish I had got in on that! To be fair they did install them when the prices were really expensive.

I have a dream. I want to be off grid. Tesla has made this dream ever so much closer. When they announced earlier this year their 10kW storage unit for only $3500 USD. It all seemed so possible!!! I am unsure when this will come to Australia and what the pricing will be like here. But to receive no electricity bills would be heavenly!!! It would take approximately 4 or 5 years to pay itself off but I absolutely think that is worth it. The possibilities excite me!!! I think it is awesome that thanks to Tesla and I am sure other companies, a suburban house has the potential to get off the grid and it isn’t that candles only, cook over an open fire kinda crazy.

Now to work out how to get rid of the gas…. Oooh and install more rainwater tanks and disconnect from that too. I love dreaming!!!!!

Absolutely unrelated, but pretty stoked to find some pretty poppies come up. I have only grown them once before and I think they are beautiful!


And just because I can, More Sunflowers! 3 different sorts. No idea which one is which. Have I mentioned that I love sunflowers??? I do…I love them.

ADDIT:  Holy moly, it is like they knew. I received a letter in the mail today. They are dropping the feed in tariff from 6.2 cents to 5 cents per kWh. Insert angriest face you can think of here. Please Tesla, bring your batteries to Australia, please please please.


2 thoughts on “Solar panels

  1. I don’t know much about it but have you ever looked into building your own storage unit? i’m sure there is a tutorial somewhere out there, maybe you have some friends who are crafty enough?


    1. I haven’t really looked into it because I am worried that if it is done poorly and causes a house fire I am pretty sure the insurance companies would not pay out for that. My sister (who owns the house) would probably be unimpressed with this. I have asked my brother to build me a solar over for Christmas which I am really excited about but that is as adventurous as I feel I can go in someone elses house. The solar oven is something I have wanted for a while. I expect this to cut down on my gas and electricity usage as I will cook my grains etc in the solar oven instead of the stove top. Plus bake my veggies in there instead of the oven. I hope he builds a good one! 🙂

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