Summer sun

It has been a hot and muggy few days here in Melbourne. The boys and the ladies have not really enjoyed it.

Looks like he is screaming for Summer to go away. Hehe. Really just yawning after a particularly satisfying nap.

The chickens are better at communicating their heat distress, although sometimes I suspect they are putting it on. Maggie has been known to open her beak and hold her wings out when it is only 20 degrees C.

This is legitimate heat, so I have been half filling a glass container and freezing it overnight. Then around 2 or 3pm when they are sick of the sun I top it up with water and they have super cold water to sip on. They don’t like warm water, I have read on the internet that a chicken will die of dehydration even if there is a water source there if it has warmed up too much. I do not know if this is true, I know mine don’t like warm water. I am not willing to test the theory out.

The boys aren’t as obvious in their overheating. They will pant a bit if it gets really warm in here. Generally though it is body language, location of nap and respiratory rate.


This pose from Herbs doesn’t mean he is hot, his location tells me that he is.

Franklin handles the heat better. Despite wearing perma boots and scarf. I love the tufts of fur under his paws.



Just chillin’


Herbs is nearly ready for his annual shave. Herbie the Lion. Once he gets his lion cut he is a new cat, the heat doesn’t get to him, he wants more love. Funny boy!

Long live Summer I love it even if they don’t!


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