Market time

I am fairly excited, next week I am going to have a stall at a market. I will be selling my handkerchiefs and napkins. I have a few knitted dishcloths but not many. I have no idea if anything will sell.

I have decided to go to a rural market first to test the waters with a much cheaper stall cost. I have been sewing nearly everyday with varying levels of commitment. I have lots and lots of stuff to take with me.

I did a trial set up of the table.

IMG_4392Obviously I will iron everything so it doesn’t look so wrinkly. Plus it won’t have a picture of Brighton (UK) in the picture frame, it will have a price list.

I made the bunting from scraps left over from either the napkins or the handkerchiefs. They are not particularly even or neat but they look bright and cheerful. They will eventually make it to the chicken coop, I have always wanted to have some colourful bunting for the ladies’ house.



10 thoughts on “Market time

  1. They would be pretty! I would love to have a brilliant idea that can somehow divert a heap of waste from landfill and look lovely enough for people to want to buy. Inspiration has not struck me yet. I’ll keep thinking…


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