Christmas is sneaking closer

Today is the first day of Summer!! So exciting. The sun was shining, the ladies were talkative, the garden growing. Glorious.


A gaggle of geese, a murder of crows, a dazzle of zebras, what is the collective noun for sunflowers? So many, so lovely!

This also means Christmas is just around the corner. On the weekend I started preparing my gifts. This year I am giving a jar of salted caramel. A jar of home grown herbal tea, and a jar of garlic salt.

It is a testament to my love of jars that I have enough in the cupboard for this.

Somewhat obsessed with sunflowers. They look like happy flowers 🙂

The salted caramel is done in the oven. It is a fairly lengthy process but hands off. Minimal attention is required. My favourite type of cooking. I have done 9 jars. I still need to do about 3 or 4 more.

It tastes really good, I will take another picture when I have made them a bit pretty.

Then I need to start testing the ratio for the tea I want to give. It will be a peppermint/lemon verbena/chamomile blend. I hope people like it.

I have dehydrated the first batch of garlic, I think I will need to do another batch and then that is done. I already bought a large jar of salt. I will not do the final mix til just before I give it.

I generally like to make 3 things to give at Christmas (except last year when I knitted dish cloths for everyone, that was way too time consuming so they only got 2 gifts) It takes me ages to think what those 3 things will be, this year it was November before I really knew what I was giving. Last year I started brewing the vanilla essence and knitting in June so November is quite late for me.

Despite the effort that goes into making gifts each year I still prefer that than buying for the sake of buying when you don’t even know if they will like it but if you buy it anyway so that they are ticked off the list,  job done.

I hope everyone’s Christmas preparations are going smoothly and are as stress free as possible!


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