Last oranges of the season

My sister and I enjoy drinking hot chocolates after dinner. No 2 are ever the same, I never measure anything, I add all sorts of weird things for different flavours.

A little while ago, in an effort to get more orange flavour into choc orange biscotti I put orange zest in vodka and left it there for a couple of weeks. I added this to the biscotti recipe. It didn’t make a discernible enough difference to warrant doing it each time I planned to make the biscuits. So I had orange essence sitting in the cupboard for quite a few weeks more with no plan for it.

Making hot chocolate one night, I added a few pieces of chocolate for some depth of flavour. Was looking around in the pantry for something else to add and stumbled upon the orange essence. Popped a healthy dash in, well knock me over with a feather, it was delicious. Choc orange hot drink.

It is coming to the end of orange season in Victoria. So I bought a bag of oranges and my sister zested the lot. I didn’t look up a recipe the first time for ratios of orange to vodka and I didn’t this time either. So I am hoping this works.


The oranges weren’t a really deep orange on the outside. So I am unsure how orange this will get in colour. This is 750mls of vodka. I am expecting that to last for a really long time. If I was more organised I could have done this for Christmas gifts. I think it would make a great alcoholic beverage mixed with some soda water. Or give as a gift with a recipe for hot chocolate attached. Anyway, I digress, it is not for gifts, it is for me!

This is the last of the old batch, quite different in colour. Smells delicious!


I didn’t strain the zest out of the first batch, after a month or so I may do that with the second. I will be interested to see how much the colour changes.

I juiced all the oranges and got so much delicious juice. Still making my way through it.

Looking forward to many choc orange beverages in my future 🙂


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