I had intended to write about beginning my Christmas present making, one part of my gift is garlic salt. I have dehydrated the garlic, all ready for the weighing and adding of salt. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the photos I took. So that will have to wait til the next batch I make.

I am also giving herbal tea from the back yard. I am frantically singing to the plants on a daily basis to make them grow faster. I constantly have stuff drying. I think I should have started this process earlier. Oh well live and learn.

Instead I will just ramble on about stuff that is playing on my mind.

I have an employment conundrum. I have a job that I like well enough, there is no stress, but the pay is terrible. I have been offered a job in the area that I am actually trained in, the pay is way better but the stress levels are really high.   Oh money why do you make the world go round????

I have gotten rid of the kitchen bin. I have a small bag that is there for when I slip up or if people bring rubbish into my home. I try not to shove my beliefs/ways down peoples throats, so when they ask where the bin is I tell them about my attempts at zero waste but I let them put stuff in a bin. Although I really am tempted to make them take it home with them so that they can really think about the rubbish that was generated. But I won’t be that person just yet. Tempting though….


I have finally come up with a solution for the kitty litter. I buy recycled paper litter but have been throwing it in the bin as it shouldn’t be composted if you intend to use that compost on your food. I am going to “borrow” my grandmothers old compost bin that she doesn’t use any more and have a separate compost for kitty litter and material scraps. This will be used only in the flower areas. This had been playing on my mind for a while but I didn’t want to buy another compost bin. I thought about just digging a hole but the chickens are relentless in their love of being naughty and I don’t think I would handle it well if I found them playing in the kitty litter. Gross.

The little lamb is not allowed on the bench, he is pushing the boundaries and sleeping on the dehydrator.












I buy the cat and chicken food in bulk (cats 10kg, chicken 20kg bags) I have not worked out a way of getting this package free 😦

Otherwise I am pretty happy with where I am at in reducing my waste.

My driving on the other hand is not where I want it to be (I am an excellent driver! I mean usage) It turns out I can justify nearly anything and I can talk myself out of riding my bike way too easily. I really need to work on this. Stop Being So Lazy!!!

Melbourne weather is so unpredictable, 33 degrees (91F) yesterday, so windy my corn fell over. Today hail and rain.
Hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow this one will open. Despite this mornings hail it is now sunny again. Melbourne!!
Hopefully the first zucchini of the season

I suppose that is enough drivel….



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