garden tour

It is getting quite exciting in the garden, the warmth is promoting glorious growth. As per each season I have successes and failures. I don’t know what I would do if everything I planted grew. There most certainly wouldn’t be enough room! I plant my seeds based on future failure.

This has been a hard year for my cucumbers, the earwigs killed nearly all my plants, one was fine, 2 are trying to make a comeback but are really struggling. This is the cucumber that is healthy on the left, the climbing beans are on the right.

IMG_4367The tomatoes are growing well. The corn is taller than I am, but I fear I planted them too closely together for good pollination. Time will tell. Due to this dense planting the pumpkins are growing quite slowly as they are not getting enough light. The zucchini have come good. The melons are hit and miss, some great, some eaten from the ground up by snails.  The capsicums seem to be doing ok. The kale is slow but steady. The flowers are going beautifully!!

The fence around the veggie garden is finally starting to look less white. I plan to grow stuff in each narrow bed that will grow through the fence and bush up on both sides. So far so good! A few more beds to go though.
First time growing Queen Annes Lace, quite lovely!
First time growing Cosmos, I am suprised by how much I like them. They will be back each year.
Smaller sunflower, happy bee visitor.
This sunflower is SO tall, it is over 2 meters tall!
Who knew that Lambs ear flowered. Not I. What a lovely suprise!





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