I will not proclaim to be a kimchi expert. To be perfectly honest I have only ever tried the kimchi that I have made. I have no idea if it tastes how it is supposed to. This is the third time that I have made it. I have thoroughly enjoyed it each time and I haven’t killed myself accidentally. I originally made it because I had grown really large purple drum head cabbages (because I thought they were pretty) but then didn’t have a food plan for them.

I certainly know how to make a mess. Quite a talent I have there…

It is cabbage time again. I still don’t grow daikon (I really should so that most of this is from my backyard). My ginger experiment was a flop, next years goals: ginger and daikon.

I got my recipe from here I change it up a little bit depending on what I have. This time I had more daikon and less carrot than the recipe said, I ran with this. I don’t put the fish sauce in, so I guess I already do know that it doesn’t taste like it should. I have no comparison point, I don’t miss what I don’t know.


I went with a hands on approach. It smelled like heaven!





IMG_4349I love the vibrant colours. It made 4 and a half jars. It would have made the full 5 but I had some fresh like a coleslaw with my dinner (delicious!!)


I now just have to wait for this batch to ferment. I like to leave it out about 6 or 7 days. I am the only one that eats it so I need only impress myself. Let the count down begin 🙂




3 thoughts on “Kimchi

    1. I am hoping it tastes good. I have seen versions of kimchi and sauerkraut at the farmers market but haven’t purchased them before. It is quite easy to make, no cooking, just cutting, the only part that is a bit tricky is remembering to tend to it each day til it has fermented to how I like. Seems like you have an expert that can tend to all your kimchi needs, that is perfect, lucky you!


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