My new fire pit

When my brother moved into his new house the people before him had left their old washing machine as it no longer worked, it was quite large, old, and unsightly. It sat in the garage for almost a year, there was a hard rubbish collection but they don’t take white goods. Its destiny was to sit there collecting dust. Til I had a look at it and saw that it had a steel drum in it. My brother managed to get it out and now we have a fire pit. The fire gets plenty of oxygen through the small holes around the drum and we have somewhere to put the wood.


We had our first fire in it the other night. I had a fair bit of wood that had been lying around for quite a while from taking down some trees and trimming others. It was well and truly dry enough. So we had fire cooked apples and a grand evening with 2 of my siblings and my brothers partner. For free, my favourite.


There is a salvage place near me that also offers fire wood from trimming up wood that they are trying to get a second life out of. It is very cheap and would other wise be going to land fill. I am sure that burning it isn’t the most eco friendly option, it won’t be a frequent occurrence but much fun will be had I am sure.


The power of zoom on a camera. Looking into the fire. Mesmerising.


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