The Nest

About a month or so ago I let Herbie inside out of the rain. He was dripping wet. Not just a little bit, his feet were slipping on the floor boards, his tummy was all wet from the grass, he was saturated. He is normally really good at seeking shelter when it rains so this was quite out of character. Franklin on the other hand doesn’t seem to mind getting wet and makes no effort to avoid the rain. But any way, I digress… Herbie was really wet.

I did not want him to get on my bed, or the chairs, or the couch really for that matter. But that felt cruel. So I got a couple of towels out of the old towel pile in the laundry (usually reserved for the bottom of the cat travel cage or for wrapping my jars if I am making yoghurt). I put one out folded in half but laying flat. The other, knowing Herbie’s love of feeling secure and surrounded I rolled into a long snake like shape and made a circle. Popped Herbs in there. He didn’t leave for the whole day.

You can just see envious Franklin trying to edge his way in. They have tried to share it before but two big lads just don’t fit…

The moment he did Franklin jumped in. For the last month there has barely been a 10 minute window where there has been no one in the nest. They tag team. Franklin is in there at the moment. It is ugly, it is one of the first things you see when you walk in the front door. My sister said it has to go, I have won so far, they love it too much. My other sister even had an illness induced nap in there with Herbs, everyone loves the nest!! I opted not to take a photo of her and respect the sanctity of the innocence and trust of sleep.

I will keep fighting for the nest to stay til the boys stop loving it so much. If it is hot they spread out,


if it is cold they like to be snug and wrapped in.


If the nest is taken they choose between the chair, the box, or my bed


IMG_4196Or a multitude of other second rate locations….

Long Live the Nest!


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