Finishing touches

It has taken me a while, some near professional level procrastination. But I fixed the roof line of the chicken house.






Initially I was going to use a jig saw and cut a fancy pattern into some wood to cover the roof supports. When it became evident that this was unlikely to happen. I decided to take the lazy person path. I took the already cut pieces off the old dog kennel, cut them to size and put them on the chicken house. Don’t look too closely as they are not even. I neglected to measure anything.

They are fragile bits of wood, they have been out in the elements for years. I pre-drilled the holes but still managed to split the top bit that covers the join of the 2 nice side pieces. A bit of glue fixed that. I have decided to leave it unpainted. Less work, plus it seems like closing the gate after the horse has bolted. Not much life left in the wood to bother protecting. As it is non structural and should suffer no weight on it I am hoping it lasts quite a long time! Job done!

Now for the bunting, I think every chicken coop could use some bunting…


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