Random Ramblings

Some random photos and stories.

So I had a very decadent breakfast for one over the weekend. A massive bowl of coffee (I normally don’t drink coffee as I am quite sensitive to caffeine. I was bouncing off the walls after this one!) and a lovely bowl of porridge that had grated apple, cinnamon, chia, honey, roasted hazelnuts and grated dark chocolate on top. Delicious on a rainy morning!!!

IMG_4204The calendula has started flowering, I plan to make a calendula salve when I have dried enough of them.

IMG_4200I am going to try and grow my yearly intake of linseed (flaxseed), this year is a trial to see how it grows, next year I will plant it en masse. Pretty blue flowers.

IMG_4198IMG_4199I had a glorious snack this afternoon. Home made, zero waste hummus dip! pulled a carrot out of the garden, cut it up for dipping. Heavenly 🙂

IMG_4227 Plus Herbie says Hi. He loves to smile for the camera….



5 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

    1. It was lovely! I grate the apple in at the start so it cooks while the oats cook. So yum. If I’m feeling really fancy I put most of the apple in at the start and keep some for the end, then there are crunchy bits of apple in there too. Don’t forget the cinnamon, it is the bestest part!!!!

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    1. I love mixing it up with my oats, what ever I have on hand is considered!. That is a first for me and dark chocolate. I love pear and roasted almonds. Strawberry and roasted pumpkin seeds (a little white chocolate has made its way in this one…). Plain apple and cinnamon. Dried apricots and sultanas with a bit of cardamom. Whatever I dream up. Such a versatile breakfast!


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