Taj mahal makeover

I bought a chicken home online, it took me an hour of frustration to get it in the car. I was so sure I could make it fit, I didn’t want to have to drive the 40 minutes home, defeated, and return with a different car. Perseverance pays!

I got it home, quite difficult to get out of the car, not suprising really considering I ended up using brute force to get the last bit in. Took it out of the box. Looked at the instructions. Got my screwdrivers ready. Realised the instructions were for a different thing altogether 😦

Quite proud of the fact that using the image from the internet I managed to put the thing together. It looked like this.

IMG_0747Thankfully I had the brilliant realisation that once fully constructed it would not fit out the back door. Quite a great realisation! I finished constructing it outside.

This was used for about a year before the chickens were killed. Then my friend turned it into the Taj Mahal! I wanted a run attached as now the ladies were going to be locked up til I got out of bed in the morning. I wanted them to be able to stretch their legs a bit. Once he had finished with it, including a wire floor so the foxes cannot dig their way in and a pretty new roof my sister and I painted it.



Curious Duchess wondering what I am doing.


The chickens are locked in before dusk and are let out when I get up, around 7:30. They wake me up a fair bit earlier than this but I refuse to get out of bed and cave to their bullying. They are quite noisy when they feel they are being hard done by. I am suprised no neighbours have complained.

This is the pot that I am attempting to grow nasturtiums in, I am hoping that they will sprawl out and cover the roof and the side of the coop and help keep the hot Summer sun off their roof and out of the run.  May be wishful thinking. Probably should relocate the strawberry that is also in there.


This is their food and water. I check it every day but I don’t have to fill it up that often. The water once or twice a week, the food about once a week.


I think they are pretty lucky! They get to free range the whole back yard (minus the vegetable garden area, they have such little respect for my food!). They do have their own area that is prettily picket fenced but I rarely lock them in there. They prefer to have the whole backyard, more grass, more bugs. Lucky ladies 🙂


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