Another gift from the ladies

I try not to waste anything. I aim for a closed (ish) loop food garden. The chickens (my ladies) help me with this quite a bit. They also provide me with a few challenges too.


Their manure is the obvious gift that they give to the garden, plus they provide me with nutrient dense, protein rich glorious eggs. But the gifts don’t stop there. The eggs that they so generously give to me play a role in the garden too.

I use them to add calcium to the soil when I transplant plants, especially tomatoes but my most favourite way to use them is protection for the tender transplants from snail and slug attacks.

It hurts their ?stomachs (whatever is is that slides along the ground) so they turn around and go a different way. It does not kill them, it simply redirects them. If they are super hungry they can and will cross the shells. It isn’t a perfect system but it has worked quite well for me for a few years now.

Once I have washed all my dishes I use the water to wash the egg shells. They sit on the draining area to dry. Once they are dry they all get chucked into a bag that lives in the gardening cupboard til I need it. They can sit there for months. Once the plant has grown big enough that a few nibbles won’t hurt them the egg shells slowly break down into the soil and add calcium and other nutrients into the soil.


This feeds the plants that I then feed to the ladies and myself and the cycle continues.
It does however mean that my sink often looks like this…



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