Garden tour!

Spring has been a lot hotter than I remember Spring being, but I love the heat and so does the garden. So it is great! I hope this does not mean Summer will be ridiculously hot, the poor chickens would not like that.

I ate my first tomato a couple of days ago, this is absolutely unheard of in my family. If you got a tomato by Christmas day you were doing really really well. Admittedly I did plant them in my mini green house in the middle of Winter. But I did that last year too and got my first tomato the day after Christmas (it may have been there Christmas day but I didn’t look). That is what days of 35 degrees will do for tomatoes in Spring.

This unseasonably warm weather has led to my sweet peas going to seed a lot earlier than last year.


I thought I had dealt with the earwig problem but evidently not well enough. This poor little cucumber may still make it.

IMG_4141This year I was trialing not using netting in the garden. It is an eye sore. Plus I always misjudge when to remove it and either have it stuck in there with plants growing all through it or I take it off too soon and the birds pull all my plants out.

It has not been a successful trial. I am going to go out now and put some netting up. Unfortunately with chickens comes a lot of stray birds. They dig with wild abandon and no thought to my plants welfare. Last night I replanted 3 tomato plants, 2 cucumbers and a basil. They look pretty sad this morning.


Bee food. Love in a mist and Borage.

IMG_4138IMG_4139And the beans are just making their way up towards their trellising. Exciting times in the garden!


Happy gardening to all 🙂


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