While on holiday a couple of years ago I bought a heap of mismatched glorious silver cutlery. I love it. My sister does not. She likes symmetry, matching, neat. These do not match, they are different sizes, they need polishing.


Actually once I got home I realised a couple of them are not real silver. I have Antiques Roadshow to thank for this.  And for some reason I did not get 8 teaspoons. I got 4 plus a special one. Weird!


So they are not the set we use every day. They come out when I have people over for dinner or when I want to feel fancy.



This is my favourite spoon. It is engraved with Johannes and Katherine 13/11/1929. I assume it was a wedding gift, I would love to have the whole set. Sadly only this one was there.

I am still using the same cleaner that I bought years ago for a candelabra that I have. It is running out (thankfully, the chemicals are horrid) but I don’t want to buy more plastic, more chemicals. Is there a zero waste, eco friendly way to clean silver?


4 thoughts on “Silver

    1. Thank you very much! I have now read that article. I will give it a try when I next bring the cutlery out. I LOVE my mismatched silverware, I think they have a lot more character than the ones my sister likes. Personal preference I guess!


  1. Gorgeous. The above mentioned tin foil and baking soda really works; whenever my sister is over she insists on polishing my jewelry, and it does the trick. Could always reuse the tinfoil to avoid too much waste.


    1. Great idea, I think I will have a designated piece of tin foil. I have nearly eradicated the use of tin foil from my life but haven’t nutted out over browning cakes. I love cake any ideas for that? (the tin foil, not the love, the love of cake will never go away…) Thank you!


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