Fat Herbs

I am not wanting to fat shame Herbie. He is beautiful inside and out. It is just that there is so much of the outside to be beautiful.


We got him when he was around 5 years old. The animal shelter named him Herbie The Love Bug.  He was super super friendly and quite thin. Around 4 -5kgs. We kept his name but shortened it down to just Herbie for day to day life. Turns out he was so friendly because he was hungry. He is now 10 years old, he is 9.6kgs. Still friendly, still loving, but that element of desperation that was part of the love when we got him is no longer present.


Herbs has a fairly sedate life. He lives mostly inside. He used to spend time sleeping outside in the old dog kennel but I closed it up to stop the chickens laying their eggs in there. Sedentary doesn’t even begin to cover his lifestyle. Random episodes of crazy energy that last approximately 30 seconds to a minute. Then he is done for a few days.

I have threatened him with a treadmill. He doesn’t seem concerned. Both the cats only eat dry food which I believe is high in carbohydrates. They are underfed. The vet has said there is nothing wrong with him except that you can’t get your hands around him and you cannot feel any of his bones ie. Obese. I think his problem is due to his absolute lack of activity. Franklin is slowly losing weight and Herbs is gaining. He must be eating the lions share!

Oh Fat Herbs what am I to do with you???


Fat Herbs 1fat herbs 2




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