Success and failure

Cheese. I love it. I am trying to eat less of it but I do still eat it. I was purchasing it at a farmers market, it came in plastic. It tasted delicious. I have stopped buying it from them.


I went to the deli near my house and saw some Australian feta, great, I wanted feta for a quiche I was making ( I eat a lot of quiche when the ladies are laying lots of eggs). I was all set, I went in with my stainless steel tin and politely asked if she would mind putting it directly in the tin. She was lovely, said no problems, took my tin. She then used a piece of plastic to pick up the cheese. Used another piece of plastic to put on the scales and weigh the cheese. Then put it in my container. SO sad. Yes I was bringing no packaging home but I had created 2 lots of instantly disposed of plastic. Such a fail!!

A few days later I went to the Queen Vic Market and saw unpackaged butter (still unsure what vessel I will take in to get butter put into) and a wheel of cheese that weighed a kilo and was wax coated. I was fairly happy with that. I bought the wheel but I wasn’t paying enough attention and the woman walked away with the cheese and came back with it wrapped in paper. Fail.


I have learned. I will probably buy the same cheese again but I will be more attentive and ask for no wrapping. I am unsure what I will do regarding feta and other fancy cheese.

I am unsure if the wax is biodegradable. I think I will try putting it in the garden and see whether it breaks down. I anticipate buying the wheel twice a year and freezing portions of it. Eventually once a year or none at all. Or I may find completely unpackaged local tasty cheese. That would be ideal. I started cutting the wheel before I thought to take a photo. I have frozen nearly all of the wheel and left a wedge in the fridge.

Slow steps in the right direction.


5 thoughts on “Success and failure

  1. I completely feel you! Isn’t it so frustrating when, even when they a agree on the container they still produce trash?
    This happens a lot when I try to get takeout. Often, they’ll try to compromise and say they’ll put it on a disposable plate that I can then put into my container, and I have to explain to them that it completely defeats the purpose!

    Well, don’t give up! And hey, remember that wax paper and paper are wayyyy better forms of trash than plastic!


    1. Thank you! I try to tell myself that that is the way forward, opt for less bad till I find the best way. There is nothing that I can think of right now ( I am sure that there is something…) that I purchase in plastic, this makes me very happy. Yesterday I found unpackaged sugar (it was in paper before) which was so exciting! It’s the little things!


  2. I hear your frustration! Most places also wear a new pair of plastic gloves each time they pick up a piece of meat or cheese. Couldn’t this be fixed with tongs or something? I’ve majorly reduced my cheese intake since starting zero-waste, but a fellow blogger once pointed out that we shouldn’t be stopping eating foods we enjoy, but we need to start pressing for them to change their packaging in order for us to keep buying it. I’ve started shamelessly e-mailing companies, encouraging them to change their packaging. I’ve yet to find a cheese deli in this town either; it’s all ready-wrapped!


    1. Just last night I was thinking about tongs being a solution! I agree that we should be asking the business to change their packaging habits, it is often possible but just a little more work for them. I would like to be able to get local cheese unpackaged. I can get imported cheese unpackaged but I shudder to think of the food miles attached to it. I probably should start the email campaign too! Some of the problem is the craziness in relation to food safety and this phobia of germs. I went to an ice cream place yesterday and asked for the cone instead of the cup and no napkin please. They wouldn’t do it. They are not allowed to touch my food, so it was paper napkin or a glove. I chose napkin but felt a little deflated…


      1. Isn’t that a whole ‘nother rant for another day: the madness behind best-before dates and food safe practices. One company told me I couldn’t use my own bags for bulk items because of contamination; the alternatives were to either use their plastic bags or not shop there, I guess! Never ending challenges. It seemed so easy in our grandparents’ days 😉


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