It’s not alzheimers…

But I do have an atrocious memory. My mind races along at a crazy pace and I have so many thoughts all running through my mind at any given time. I have great moments of inspiration regarding what needs doing, stuff I should look up, people I must remember to contact etc. but it is swiftly followed by 7000 other things. 3 days later out of the blue I will remember and think “that’s right, I really should do that” If I am lucky I will be near a pen and paper at the time.


I live my life by lists. I make one nearly every day. I Love lists. I feel like I am accomplishing stuff when I get to cross things off. It is easier to prioritise tasks when I can see all the ones that need doing.

If I am feeling really organised I will number the things on my list in the order that I intend to deal with them. I rarely stick to the numbers but it is a nice feeling when I do.

I write them on scraps of paper, the backs of letters, envelopes, anything that I find. Then I tear them up into small pieces and put them in the compost. Nothing is truly finished til it makes it to the compost.

I also keep a gardening diary. I find that I don’t remember the nuances of the garden from season to season. Dates are illusive in my mind.


It would probably be more environmentally friendly to do all this electronically but I don’t have a fancy phone, and if I did I don’t think I would want to spend more time on it looking at my lists. I like the tangible-ness of physically crossing things off.

I don’t have the internet on my phone, it doesn’t do reminders, it doesn’t contain a notes section. It calls and texts, that is all. Not very fancy but suits me perfectly. I worry that if I had the internet my memory would become even worse. I wouldn’t need to try to remember things to look up later. I would look up and instantly forget what ever bit of trivia was intriguing me. It has taken me a week and remembering on at least 5 different occasions to finally look up (prompted by writing this) what happened to Jackson Pollock. There was a trivia question that said he was decapitated in a car accident. I felt that this was so outlandish that if I had ever come across it I would certainly have remembered it. Turns out it is true. I will never forget this. Who could. But if it was something like when did King Henry the 8th reign? I feel that if I looked it up as soon as it occurred to me I would forget it instantly. If I think about it multiple times before I look it up I am much more likely to remember it. Flawed theory perhaps but I like it.

This is why I am a list person. I would be lost without lists. I love lists!


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