Doin’ some DIY-ing

The house that I live in was renovated by the people who lived here before. Always with the intention of selling it straight away. They did a bad job, a lot of DIY with no care or attention to detail.

I am too lazy to fix some of the stuff, seriously who doesn’t paint between things.


Who doesn’t fix that as soon as they notice it…. me, six years later, it is still unpainted. Anyway…


So this is behind the sink in the kitchen, I figure there is a lot of water in this area. I am a notoriously messy dish washer, I rarely walk away with a dry sweater and the area around the sink is normally wet. The other day a few ants came in from there. That was the line that apparently I was waiting for.

I put on my DIY cape and decided no research was required I would just borrow my brothers caulking gun and gap filler then caulk a layer of silicone over the top. It appears as though when they renovated they did use gap filler at the bottom but neglected to water proof it. Hence the breaking down and disappearing of the gap filler.


This is the where the kitchen tiles meet the pantry. This is how it has looked since the day we moved in. They used an inflexible grout here and it probably cracked nearly straight away. I have had intentions of fixing it but just never have.  So I got the sharpest kitchen knife I could find and proceeded to remove the remaining gap filler and grout.

IMG_3907It took a while but I got it all out. I cleaned and dried the area. I used the caulking gun and my fingers to refill the gap. I let it dry and then covered it with silicone. It now looks like this.


Much neater, but it does make the grout look a bit dirty. Oh well! I did up the wall between the tiles and the pantry so it now looks like this, I did not silicone this as it shouldn’t get wet.


This, in my mind, was a success. Time will tell if I used enough silicone. If it holds up for the next year I will call it a resounding success.


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