Old school sewing

I am not an amazing sewer. I don’t make my own clothes. I do mend my clothes but often by hand not with a machine. But when I was given a heap of material I decided I was going to make a quilt for my friends birthday. Just a basic quilt as you go no skills required. I did not have a sewing machine. I thought I would just borrow one.

I was talking to my grandmother about this quilt. She said she had an old sewing machine I could have. I was fairly excited! Once I saw how cool and old it was I was uncomfortable with taking it. Granny assured me it was unbreakable. My grandfather had given it to her as an engagement present in the 1940’s. I was adamant that I would not take it. Especially with the sentimental value. She eventually talked me into borrowing it. So now I have it on loan (granny reiterates frequently that she has given it to me, I maintain it is loaned).

IMG_3843It had some water damage to the wood. I sanded and now re oil or wax the wood approximately yearly. I made that quilt plus 2 others. Now I make all the handkerchiefs for my etsy shop. I do put a little B&F on them with my mums fancy machine. But for all my basic sewing I am much more comfortable with my grandmothers. The Singer wins hands down.

It is old school and has a knee pedal (not sure if it is still called a pedal if it isn’t on the floor, but the thing that makes it sew is controlled by my knee). It weighs a ton. It is so heavy that it lives on the table all the time and I just slide it to the side when I want to use it.

IMG_3846IMG_3840IMG_3842I cannot believe it still works. I love using it. It is great! So easy to thread the cotton, no fancy buttons to confuse me, just forward and back. That I can handle!


2 thoughts on “Old school sewing

    1. Thank you! I am truly grateful to have it. I was using it yesterday, marveling that it still works. The quilts turned out great. Lovely and warm and colourful. If they fall apart it is my fault not the machines 🙂


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