Crazy Cat Lady

I saw a picture on the internet the other day that contained a box of about 7 or so kittens. The caption read “Crazy cat lady starter kit”. I have fully embraced my inner crazy cat lady, I tell everyone about the 2 cats I live with, if someone gave me that box of kittens I would keep them all…

Now I will show you a hundred pictures of Franklin. He is a little bit naughty. He likes to chase the chickens, he never actually does anything to them but he loves to watch them run. He loves to attack tennis balls. Herbie. Leaves. The wind. Anything really.

Who the hell even knows what he is playing with here.

When I garden I throw all the weeds and plants that I pull out onto the lawn, next time I mow the lawn it gets shredded up into little bits and put in either the chicken pen or the compost. Until I mow the chickens can glean whatever snacks they can.

Franklin loves to play with these, especially the bigger thing like kale and broccoli stems. Let me walk you through how it goes.

He sees his prey. He acts all innocent. That kale won’t know what hit it.


A little face rub, still acting all friendly…IMG_3816Then a casual sit down on top of the toy (kale)

IMG_3818 Then it is game on. He goes crazy. I have not captured the crazy as the camera just takes blurry photos of his frenzy. This is just a little biting, nothing too extreme.


Then he rolls around like a mad man, flinging his chosen toy around.

IMG_3824If you ask him what he is doing, he is all innocence.

Me? I am not doing anything wrong, this is a cuddle....
Me? I am not doing anything wrong, this is a cuddle….

I find him endlessly amusing. Ah to have full accepted my crazy cat lady status is great!


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