Shorts no longer

IMG_3866I just got me 4 new washing cloths. My sister gave me a whole heap of clothes to take to the charity store, I sorted through them to see what I might want and to weed out anything in too poor a condition to send to a charity store. These shorts fell into the latter category.

They had obviously had a run in with some bleach or experienced a hefty amount of sunshine. They were all mottled on the outside and their original colour on the inside.

I was given a t-shirt about 3 or 4 years ago that was way too big. I did not intend to grow into it. We needed wash cloths. So I cut it up. It made quite a few wash cloths. They are approaching the end of their lives. They have been through the washing machine countless times. Washed thousands of dishes. Mopped up life’s spills. A thoroughly good job.

IMG_3868I will add these 4 into the mix and slowly move the holey ones to the car washing grease cleaning pile. I do knit some in cotton but I am a slow knitter so we only have 3 in the drawer. These were much faster to make.

IMG_3867I intend to cut the material off the waist band and get the elastic out, I will put it aside for a future purpose. This leaves the pockets and scraps. I am fairly certain I can find a use for the mitten like pockets. The rest, I am going to dig a hole in the back yard and chuck the scraps in. The tag says it is made of cotton. It should break down.

There are 2 or 3 other items of clothing in a similar state of disrepair, mostly paint stains, I will store them in the laundry until we need more cloths. I love when I can squeeze a bit more life out of something that has already had a good long life. IMG_3870

EDIT: After reading this my sister, the previous owner of these shorts, informed me that they had a very long productive life as tennis shorts and they were “bleached by the good Australian sunshine”.  A mystery solved.


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