Baked Beans

Home made baked beans

I usually compare a lot of different recipes online before I make something I have never made before. I usually pick a recipe to follow based on flavours or ingredients that I like. This time I didn’t compare at all. I looked online only after everything was in the slow cooker. I wished I had changes a few things, but nothing drastic. This is the recipe I used.

All I altered was the amount of honey and the amount of tomato paste. I halved the honey as I often find recipes to be too sweet and I added a bit more tomato paste as I didn’t put the bacon in.

I have read that if you add salt to beans as they are cooking that they will have tough skins, google has a million and one people waxing lyrical about this and it seems people are divided. Some web sites suggest that adding something acidic (like tomatoes) will lengthen cooking time and leave your beans tough. I was very unsure if my beans were going to work. I had salt and tomatoes!

I googled extensively when the 12 hour mark passed and my beans were still not cooked, not even close. May be because I was using old beans. I am unsure of when I purchased them, I knew they were old-ish, that was why I wanted to find a recipe to use them in. They are Greater Northern beans.

I turned the machine off overnight and put it back on the next day, on low for about 4 hours and then high for around 7 more hours. After almost 24 hours of cooking they were done. I had to add water a few times throughout this process. They taste quite nice. A barbecue kind of flavour.



I would make them again, I would use fresher beans, less molasses, less honey (despite halving I still feel they were sweeter than I would choose), more tomato. Over all a success. I have frozen most of it. More gourmet breakfasts are in my future!

Must have tasted ok…


I wasted nothing, I threw out nothing, I purchased nothing new. That is my kind of recipe.


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