Caring for what I have

My aim of a closed loop garden has almost been achieved, a few things to nut out (mostly my seed acquisition issue) but otherwise a massive improvement on when I first started gardening.

I no longer purchase organic fertilisers, sugar cane mulch for the garden beds, or plants that come in plastic pots. Now all I need to do is look after my tools so that they last me a life time.

I have a lovely hand trowel that I got from my grandmother when she had to stop gardening. I think it is great! I usually am very good at not leaving it outside when I am done in the garden, til a few weeks ago that is. I left it in my wine barrel where I store my ready to use compost. In my defense I went back to get it, saw it wasn’t there and thought I must have already put it away. A week later when I went to get it it wasn’t where it should be. I grabbed a poor substitute and went to the wine barrel. Upon digging I found my lovely shovel. The chickens had buried it. I should have thought of that when I could not see it the week before instead of just assuming I am a great candidate for early Alzheimer’s screening. The lovely wooden handle was soaked through and not looking its finest.

IMG_3656IMG_3657I let the poor thing dry out for a few days.

I sanded it, and gave it a few soakings with linseed oil (this is all I had) and it looks much better now.


If I continue to look after the tools that I have I am hoping to not need to purchase any more. Initially I had quite poor quality tools that bent and fell apart within the year. I have learnt from this. Quality lasts!

This technically falls under DIY which I have been a little leery of in the past but baby steps like these give me hope for full on DIY adventures! The shovel looks beautiful again.


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