my accoutrements

Firstly, accoutrement, what a great word. I rarely have use for it in my day to day vocabulary but it popped straight to mind when I was thinking what to call this post. I love words! I love the English language, spelling, fancy words all of these. Unfortunately grammar just doesn’t get on this list, my grammar is atrocious. I wish it was better. But back to the point…

The most frequently used items in my low waste shopping.


The two containers are plastic, when they reach the end of their lives I will have 2 2L glass bottles. I recently found 2L glass bottles filled with raw apple cider vinegar from Tasmania (not quite local but certainly not far). I use apple cider vinegar for quite a few things so that is my progression plan. The plastic bottles are refilled with white vinegar and dishwashing liquid. I then decant the dishwashing liquid into 2 small bottles that I keep in the kitchen (for washing dishes) and in the laundry (for washing the floor) I just keep topping them up as they run low. The vinegar lives in the big bottle. It does look like it houses water but that is just some old labeling. When I was more diligent with the cleaning element of kombucha brewing I used a diluted vinegar solution. The H2O told me which vinegar was diluted. Now I just use soap and water. Still alive, so running with it.


The 2 bags are for dry goods. I try to get 2 things that I am running low on each time I am at the store so that I don’t run out of multiple things at the same time and wish I had more than 2 bags. So far the system is working. I don’t want to have to buy more but if the system breaks down I will. I have yet to run low on spices or anything that would stain my bags. I think I will use jars for those things.

The sister that I live with has no aspirations for low waste living, the bin is always full so I find it hard to gauge how well I am doing. Based on my memory I have only put a handful of items in the bin in the last few months. Mostly butter wrappers. I would like to find a better option for the butter and cheese. Otherwise I am fairly happy with how I am doing. I have been composting some paper based packaging (for some weird reason the bulk food place only sells packaged coconut, I asked why, apparently it is too messy. I cannot imagine it to be more messy than cocoa powder which they sell unpackaged, anyway…) It comes in paper based packaging that says it is compostable. I am unsure if this means that there are no chemicals in it that would be bad for the garden and me. I probably should email them and ask. I am still putting some things in the recycling bin, I would like to reduce this but am fairly happy with where I am at.

The obligatory bags. These hang on the back of my door.


I am also pretty happy that I don’t (so far) require a heap of things to live this low waste lifestyle.


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