A Spring in my step

Yesterday Spring arrived with a bang. Beautiful, sunny, warm (ish). It was just a sampler as today is back to overcast, I don’t mind. The sampler reminded me just how glorious the weather can be. Spring arrived as per the calendar, but there are signs in the garden that it is here too. The tree out the front is sprouting leaves, the days are feeling longer. I don’t lock the chickens up til around 5:30pm, in the depths of Winter I was locking them up just after 4pm.


My seeds are sprouting, each day I check them and see the changes and get a flutter of excitement. I am in the process of acquiring some concrete reinforcing mesh that I am going to grow my cucumbers and beans up. A friend of my brothers was going to get rid of it when he found it in the house he just moved into. Free for me!


Future Pesto!!! Basil.
Future Pesto!!! Basil.

IMG_3769The first sweet peas are so close to flowering. They smell heavenly when they open.

My Spring cleaning is continuing (albeit at a leisurely pace) I have taken a large amount of clothes to the thrift store. I also visited a different thrift store and exercised all my powers of inner strength and only came away with one book and one cardigan. Considering the amount my sister purchased this is incredibly modest.

Got some slow cooker baked beans cooking now, my Spring clearing moved to the kitchen and I found dried beans that really should be used. Hopefully they taste good.

The ladies are enjoying the burst of sunshine.



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