Could have handled that better….

There was an incident.

I would like to say that I handled it well but I did not.
I was in the back yard. Herbie (my sisters cat) walked up to me looking for pats (fairly standard so far, I know, but wait!)
I looked at him, I thought, holy fruit bats what the hell is that on his side?
Is that..? could that be..? it is a flippin’ dirty great spider. I backed away (step mother of the year!) Herbie followed, totally unaware of the monstrous thing on him. I was unwilling to brush it off (WAY too big for me to have contemplated for even a moment!) So being the responsible adult that I am I grabbed a stick.

I tried to get it off with that, still unsure if it was dead or alive (it was approximately 4 or 5 cms big but not black and shiny, more like a young Huntsman [I thought about googling that to make sure I spelt it right but am absolutely unwilling])

I got in a swipe before Herbs knew what was going on. It moved, but I couldn’t tell if it was from the stick or evasive tactics. I was worried it would bite Herbie. I was worried it would spread its wings and fly at me (recurring nightmare of mine). I went with decisive action, sure I could swipe with a stick and precision. Sure. So i did. Half its legs fell off. The body disappeared into the grass. I think it was dead to begin with.

Herbie sleeps in the other kennel in the back yard. He rarely ventures from there. It came from that kennel I am sure. His kennel. But it totally smashed my delusions re no spiders in Princess Leia’s kennel. Luckily she hasn’t laid yet today as that egg would have been staying there. Now she can lay there no longer. I have decided and I am resolute.

This is the action I have taken.

IMG_3737Mean I know, she hasn’t done anything wrong. But there is no chance that I am sticking my hand in there with the image of Herbie’s friend fresh in my mind.

Herbie does think I was swinging a stick at him with wild abandon. No idea of the danger he was in. Doesn’t know that I fought some very strong fleeing inside instincts to deal with his situation. Lucky he is super forgiving, I am not ready for him to sleep on my lap yet but those issues are from my end…



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