I really am trying…

I’m trying hard to clear out junk, not accumulate more, live with less, be all zen and minimalist. But then I watch the British Antiques Roadshow. I love that show! No I am not 90 years old. Yes I am aware it is not prime cerebral viewing. The joy on people faces when their $2 thrift store purchase turns out to be worth $2000 is (for me) great viewing.

I have no problem telling people all about Antiques Roadshow, judge, judge away, I tell these people. This is because I have the warped notion that I will find something at the thrift store worth a kabillion dollars, rare and precious, I will recognise it thanks to Antiques Roadshow. This is at odds with my desire to own less. But damn do I love thrift shopping. It fits beautifully into my low waste lifestyle as I buy all my clothes from there, it does not however align with owning less. I tend to buy more, unsure if I will wear or use it just because it is cheap, I am supporting a charity and I feel no landfill guilt. I buy all my books from thrift stores and return them there too. If I want something specific I go to the library.

I do take things to thrift stores if I find I am not using them or wearing them but I really shouldn’t be bringing them home in the first place. I have cleared out the hanging section of my wardrobe and have a large pile of clothes to give to charity. There is nothing wrong with them but I either felt uncomfortable in them, they didn’t fit well or I just wasn’t opting to wear them. The process continues through out the rest of my room…

Back to Antiques Roadshow! I am the nutbag that is picking up all the cups and saucers to see who made them and make my own very educated assessment on age and quality. All my education has come from Antiques Roadshow, unquestionably high caliber.

The dream is still well and truly alive that I will find something valuable. I have a sneaking suspicion that my odds are the same or worse than winning the lottery but I will continue. One day I will be the person on the show that does a happy dance after literally dropping my jaw open and being absolutely shocked (but on the inside sagely nodding and repeating ‘I knew this day would come’) Seems reasonable to me. Let the quest continue (the cleaning out of junk and the hunt for the kabillion dollar thrift store pottery)

Just because I can. Here is a picture of Herbie with his frequently displayed “crazy face”



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