Chicken antics

All Winter I have had one chicken laying. Only one out of 5. Not great, but I knew when I got the others that they weren’t amazing layers. This lady is though!

IMG_2560So when the others stopped, Princess Leia was a prized lady, the only non free loader. When there was no eggs for a few days I thought she had taken a break from laying, turns out she decided she was too cool to lay in the spot that they had all layed their eggs in for the last year. She had moved to a sheltered spot under the trees. A new nest.

IMG_3699I was unimpressed with this as it meant I had to go under the tree foliage and get wet (if it had rained) to get her offering. I made a decision. This wouldn’t do. I tried letting her out later so she would lay in the house like she was supposed to. No effect, turns out she can hold that egg in. Upon release, she sped across the yard to “her” spot.

I took things to the next level. I put a brick in her nest. What a horrible person I am. I suffered greatly with this. I felt like the worst owner. She took the hint and went back to laying in the house. A semi win, the guilt was large, the eggs were where they were supposed to be. For a few weeks.

Princess Leia raised her game. I came to the conclusion that she hadn’t taken a few days off but had created a new nest, a massive search followed this. We used to have a small dog, who had a small kennel. We no longer have the dog but the kennel acts as a barrier to the chickens getting on the verandah where all my potted plants are. She chose the back of the kennel. I did think it was kinda cute, chicken in a kennel. Less cute when I have to get down on my hands and knees and reach in to the back of the kennel to get the egg. Obviously there would never be a spider in there (right??? Ah the lies I tell myself) but it crosses my mind every time I collect her egg. Please please please lay the egg at the front! She never does!

Due to the guilt over the brick and her special status of “only laying chicken” I allowed this to continue. I thoroughly regret this. Luckily she has not taught the other ladies who are restarting now. They are laying in the house like they always have.

She is a funny thing. If the cats stick their face in to see what is making all the noise they will get a swift peck to the face. Suprisingly they still look occasionally.

Not sure what to do about this situation.

Oh well!! Not a bad problem to have.

Here are a couple of today’s pics.

Beautiful Bearded Bella


Curious Beatle. Checking out what is under the branch.



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