Low waste

I have a goal. It is to not need a garbage bin. I have made the decision that for me and my life zero waste would be just a bit too challenging. Instead I am aiming for very low waste. This gives me some wriggle room. Reduces guilt when I fail. And seems so much more do-able. I have decided that I am willing to accept some waste as long as it is recyclable.

I have encountered some problems that I am still unsure how to tackle. Things like, I can buy local cheese that comes in plastic or I can go to the deli and buy unpackaged cheese that has been imported from overseas and therefore has large miles attached to it. I am going to email the cheese people that I currently buy from once a month at the farmers market near my house and ask them if there is some way to bring some unpackaged cheese. Small thing but it seems to come up a bit. I can buy something in a glass reusable jar from another country but the local is packaged less well.

I haven’t nutted out where to buy milk that is packaged in glass. Luckily I rarely drink milk, but in Summer I like to make my own yoghurt, this will involve sourcing milk. I also have not worked out where to buy butter that is unpackaged. I love butter, so a quality unpackaged butter would seem like heaven!

There are so many things that I have worked out. I now produce very little waste which thrills me but I know I can do better without much more effort. The devil is in the details.

On a somewhat related note my ladies have decided the days are sufficiently long enough that they will lay an egg every now and then. I haven’t found a way to buy their food unpackaged, I am trialing a different way of feeding them that will reduce but not eliminate the packaging. I currently buy it in 20kg bags which is not too bad!

IMG_36783 eggs so far today, I expect a blue one later this afternoon. All the signs point to warmer weather on the way! yay!

Also just made a sandwich. Bread unpackaged from the farmers market. Eggs from the backyard mashed with a tiny bit of garlic salt, garlic from the backyard, salt bought unpackaged, avocado unpackaged from the market, watercress and rocket from the backyard.  Delicious, no packaging. A win!


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