Hoarding tendencies

Yep, I have a touch of hoarding in me. I am fairly convinced that I will need whatever it is that should be thrown out in the future. I would hate to have to go and buy something that I gave away 6 months earlier. So I keep it. When I do need it it vindicates all the other keeps that I shouldn’t have made.

I went through a period where I would put something into my donate pile each day. One thing a day. It worked for about 2 weeks, then it got too hard. It isn’t out of control, everything has a home, I have surfaces with nothing on them. But I keep reading about the calm that comes with minimalism. I aspire to that. Unfortunately I don’t aspire enough to actually achieve it.


This is the space that allows me to feel I can claim I have surfaces with nothing on them. This is the bottom of my wardrobe. I am fairly sure it should be empty, but it did used to be more full of stuff (mostly empty jars) so this is quite sparse compared to then…. On the left is my ‘to read’ pile. It is fairly sizable. Lucky I love reading!

I am going to start the process again, make a brand new effort to reduce the stuff that I have. I will attempt to be ruthless. A major Spring clean.

Maybe I should have a set goal but I don’t. Surely I will know when I have achieved the right level of ‘Stuff’ for me. Off I go….


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