Garden time

Time for a quick peek around the garden. Next time I put pictures up of the garden it will be Spring! I cannot describe the joy this thought gives me.

So close to ready...
So close to ready…

2 years ago I noticed only 6 bees in the garden for the entire Spring/Summer gardening period. I had to hand pollinate my zucchinis and melons. The garden didn’t thrive as well as usual. I am sure there were more bees than 6 but that is all I saw, and I was looking! I usually see a few every day so this was noteworthy and concerning.

Last year I decided to make the garden a bit more bee friendly. I Never use any pesticides or anything that would hurt bees in my yard but my focus had always been on food for me to eat. No focus on flowers for prettiness. Or bee food. Narrow thought process!

The bees were quite impressed (I think) with the changes and came in bountiful numbers. I feel they may have contributed to my pumpkin problem. What a great problem to have! My garden plans this year include more flowers again. I have already planted some of the seeds, the rest I will plant on the 15th when I plant everything else.

I took these photos yesterday, I actually ate that cauliflower last night, delicious!!


Watercress, should be a great addition to my salads.

IMG_3647Green house beauty.

IMG_3648The jasmine is SO close to flowering. Bring on the jasmine scent. Love!

Actually, bring on Summer, LOVE!!


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