A more natural clean

In my efforts to rid my home of chemicals, gone are all the antibacterial sprays and whatever else one uses these days to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. I clean the whole house with vinegar, water, bicarb soda, and soap.

The vinegar is great, I have it in a spray bottle and use it to clean surfaces like I would a supermarket spray.

I do sometimes like things to smell nice while I clean, enter the infused vinegar.

When it is citrus season, like right now, I fill a big jar with orange peels. I cut the flesh of the orange away to leave the zest and a thin layer of rind.

Yes I know it isn’t quite full, I will add to it as I eat more oranges.

Cover them with vinegar. IMG_3629They will sink over the next day or so, then they should remain completely submerged.

Put the lid on.

Put it in the cupboard, and shake it whenever I remember, generally every few days.

After a few weeks the vinegar is orange in colour and smells like quite orangey vinegar. I make a couple of batches each Winter. When I am satisfied with the level of orangeness I tip the vinegar into glass bottles where it stores for months and months on end. When I need more spray I fill up my spray bottle somewhere between 50 and 75% of the way and top the rest up with water to dilute it a bit. It’s not an exact science. IMG_3655This is all I have left from last year. It is already diluted.

Then in Summer I do the same thing but with sage leaves instead of orange peels. Sage has antimicrobial properties all of its own, add that to the awesomeness of vinegar. Winning. I have year round cleaner. 2 scents. No chemicals. Clean benches. Money saved! If only I brewed my own vinegar…. A project for the future!

This also works quite well with my attempt at Zero waste living ( I am currently at very low waste living, have not achieved zero). There is a place near me that refills my 2L vinegar containers, so no packaging. The orange peels are from the farmers market, I purchase them without packaging, I eat the rest of the orange. No waste. The sage grows in my garden. Zero miles and free.

This is a cheap and easy alternative to some fairly harsh chemicals. Give it a try!


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