For the love of garlic

I really like garlic, I use it for all sort of things aside from cooking. I use it in a spray for the garden, I chop it up and swallow it raw to avert an impending cold, I use it in the chickens water to aid worm prevention and as a general immune booster for them. I do cook with garlic a lot, but my most favourite use by far is garlic salt on home made chips. It is the bee’s knees!

Last year there was a bit of a mix up when I ordered my garlic bulbs and they didn’t arrive, so I bought some at the market instead. I planted them out. Then a week later my order came.

I put garlic cloves everywhere. Between flowers, in pots, anywhere I could find space. When I harvested in December I was pleasantly suprised. I had assumed that a lot of the cloves wouldn’t have grown much due to their unusual locations, but most were great! I ended up with around 70 corms, 10 or so of them were small the rest a good size. I dried them out and learned how to braid them. Then stared at their magnificence…

That was in December. Now it is August. I have the next batch growing in the garden from the best looking and largest cloves. IMG_3548Hopefully lots more delicious garlic will be harvested in December!

But… I still have heaps of garlic left. IMG_3578I had given away only about 10 or 15 corms as I was unsure how much garlic I actually use and didn’t want to have to buy some because I had given it all away. This was ridiculous it turns out… It is just starting to sprout now, so every visitor has to take a corm home with them. I also decided to dehydrate more. More potential garlic salt! Yay!IMG_3587This is now ready to be blended (actually ready to be put in the cupboard exactly as is till I can be bothered blending it into a powder). You can see the sprouts. I was unsure what to do about that so I removed some and left some in. Laziness really prevailed.

Once I have turned it into a powder I will probably store it as is and use it in cooking if there is a gap between the last of the garlic (I assume it will sprout and not run out) and harvesting more as I have a fair bit of garlic salt already made up. I am trying to conserve the last of the potatoes so that I can plant them after the last frost. But now I Really want chips… and a mandolin slicer, that was a lot of slicing by hand. A mandolin slicer would be heavenly.


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