Tough choices

I have finally chosen what seeds to put in the 24 spots that I have in the mini greenhouse. It took me a long time, I set out with the intention of being ruthless. I was not. I ummed and arrred and put in some things I probably don’t need but want. I crossed out and changed my selections multiple times. I reiterated to myself the need for successive planting and that I can plant more things a few weeks later, but I already know it will be a struggle to fit this lot in.

Now to choose the date of planting. To time it so that they don’t get too big in the mini greenhouse before the last frost. I think I want to be transplanting them around the end of September. Risky, I know. A freak late frost can wipe out a lot of seedlings in one night. The germination rate of the seeds is slower and the growth rate slower than if I waited and planted them in September or October.

2 years ago I started keeping a gardening diary. It turns out I don’t remember as much as I assume I will. It helps me to draw my garden beds and write what I planted in each one so that I can rotate crops better. It helps if I write what I observe of bugs, plant interactions, planting dates, successes and failures. I planted my seedlings on the 15th of August last year but was away for part of Spring so was unable to observe the reasons for some of the failures. I shall give the 15th of August another try. As I reread the diary now I see that my Jasmine flowered on the 20th of August. Only a couple of weeks to go! If there was such a thing as a smell-o-gram the gentle scent of jasmine would be wafting out of the computer now… bliss!

I chose: 1. Climbing scarlett beans 2. Basil (lots and lots, bring on the pesto!) 3. Bush green bean 4. Climbing spinach 5. Yellow tomato 6. Lettuce (multiple varieties) 7. Pyrethrum 8. Climbing bean Flageolet 9. and 10. 4 seeds, 2 different types of cucumber 11. Chilli 12. and 13. Capsicums (very early for capsicum planting!) 14. Zucchini 15. Tuscan kale 16. Dill 17. Peach coloured tomato 18. 19. 2o. 5 different types of melon 21. 2 varieties of well storing pumpkins 22. Celery 23. Large tomato 24. Italian tomato.

Even as typing this I am thinking of changing a few…

I will direct sow the beetroot, radish, spring onions, more spinach, chervil, mustard, rocket and some more beans a few weeks later.IMG_0400Someone who is not making tough choices….


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