Precious heirloom seeds

I will not even start my rant on GM, Monsanto, or suicide genes. Trust me it is long! I will instead say that I truly, truly, truly believe in seed saving, open pollinated, heirloom varieties and that the power of seeds should be with the people.

I love that there are so many varieties of each fruit and vegetable. I purchase most of my seeds from Diggers, they are a company that holds similar beliefs to my own (refer to non rant above). I have a seed problem, they don’t mind helping out, win-win. I pored through their catalogue again yesterday to circle my wants and square my actual purchase plans. The joy!

I have a system going at the moment that is a mini greenhouse within a small greenhouse. My friend made me the small greenhouse for my birthday a few years ago and it has been great! It gets nice and warm in there. It gets even warmer in the mini greenhouse. This allows me to get my seeds started quite early.  Then I move them to the small green house as the start of hardening them off. It has worked quite well for me.


I have 24 spots in the mini green house and approximately 700,000 things I want to plant. This is a mathematical nightmare. And so the process begins.

I like that you cannot tell how high the seeds are mounded, barely looks like a seed problem...
I like that you cannot tell how high the seeds are mounded, barely looks like a seed problem…

I find it particularly hard to choose just 5 varieties from the 22 different tomato options that I have. The other challenge is melons, I love melons. They take up a bit of space and I can really only really fit 2 in, I have 6 that I desperately want (6 that I already have the seeds for, approximately 100 that I want to try growing). Oh the decisions.  I try not to eat food out of season and these are the 2 things that I wait the most avidly for. Zucchini, corn, capsicum, cucumber, beans, etc all nice, all anticipated, but not with the same zeal as tomatoes and melons!

I have drawn up a chart with 24 spaces, now to go and make some tough decisions…


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