The joy of food

I like to believe that it truly increases my enjoyment of something if there is a period of absence. This is mostly in relation to food for me. Eating in season creates this all on its own but I like to create arbitrary rules for some specific foods. Hot cross buns can be made in the 2 weeks leading up to Easter in my world. I Love Hot cross buns. I think I could happily eat them every day of the year. But now the smell of the dough rising with that specific mix of spices is a special thing. I look forward to it for months and months. Then I eat a crazy amount of hot cross buns every day for 2 weeks, then I have a break, an 11 and a half month break. Despite this crazy trend (which i am evidently not a part of) of photographing everything one eats  I don’t have any photos of the hot cross buns, probably much more interested in timing it just right so that I don’t burn my mouth but the butter still melts. Oh the perfection!

Each Christmas my younger sister and I make a gingerbread house. Each year they improve, each year we learn so much. The most important being that the roof has to be longer than the walls or the roof hasn’t got enough support, there was a lot of structural royal icing that year… There have been so many lessons documented on scraps of paper to read the following year. Upon reading we pat ourselves on the back for writing down the already forgotten wisdom. IMG_3004Yep, I forgot to cut the windows out before baking. Oops!

There is still so much room for improvement and it is a mammoth task to undertake but I look forward to it for ages in advance. I don’t generally eat gingerbread any other time of year so it is delicious for at least the first wall.  There are a few other things that I meter the joy out on. Mulled wine in Winter is the first that comes to mind.  Off to a night market this evening to enjoy some mulled wine.  A perk of Winter for me!


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