Back to aims and goals again…

I like reading other peoples blogs, there are about 6 that I like to read on a regular basis. I have chosen these 6ish because they write about things that I am interested in, I like their styles of writing, and I like that their posts are not too long. I am happy to read the odd essay but generally not every day. I am not sure if this means that I have the attention span of a flea, I am impatient, or I am just plain ol’ lazy. It could be a lovely mix of all 3. The reason I have been pondering this is because my last post which was about one of my most favourite topics, my garden, could easily have run into the thousands of words category. I had to rein back, a lot! So much so that I didn’t actually mention any  of the things that I intended to. I can wax lyrical for hours about my garden, a strangers garden, a council park, a crack in the path that has a flower. I am sure that you get my point. Lots to say about all things growing. I don’t intend to restrict myself to a specific word count but I aim to have a nice mix of words and photos. I will keep writing about my garden as an ongoing chronicle. I have started planning my Spring garden which is too exciting for words. Yes I Need to purchase a couple of seed packets but a significantly smaller number than previous years. Progress! Dreaming of Summer…



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