Little Helpers

I have spent a fair portion of the last week sewing and taking photos of the end product so that I can open the Etsy shop. Unfortunately I had a few helpers…IMG_3439Herbie, my sisters cat, wanted to be involved. If I had taken the photo a second later it would have captured Herbie knocking over and then sitting on my handkerchiefs (those specific ones are no longer for sale…)

I also had my chickens displaying avid fascination in what i was doing.IMG_3463This one is also no longer for sale.

Despite not having a goat, there are still a few animals on this suburban block. 2 cats, 5 chickens, and approximately 10,000 worms. Once I convince a few people there will be a bee hive too.  The 2 chickens not in the photo are rarely up on the verandah, Maggie is disabled and only has one working leg, as a hopping chicken she does not take on stairs. Bella feels the top step resembles a sheer drop from a massive height, once up the normal sized stairs she feels trapped and takes around 3 to 4 minutes of attempts to finally go down the top step. The other 2 steps pose no problem to her. I seem to attract weird animals with very strong personalities.

Exciting news (for me), I opened the Etsy shop last night.  I think I can expect fame and fortune any time from now. I’ll keep you posted….


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