Another blog is born.

Why? Just because. Let’s start with the name Billy & Franklin. Do I know a Billy or a Franklin? Not specifically. My beloved cat is called Franklin and in my humble (biased) opinion he is the best cat in the world. Now to Billy – despite living in the suburbs I have always wanted a goat. Yes a goat. I would be willing to evade council rules to make this dream come true but I am not willing to put 10 foot high fencing around my vegetable gardens, flower gardens and everything else a goat may look upon as food. This dream goat was going to be called Billy. Billy the goat. I also decided years ago (probably when my goat dreams started) that if I ever had a clothing label (I have never designed an article of clothing in my life, so perhaps a somewhat tangential thought) it would be called Billy and Franklin. I think this has the nicest ring to it. I have come to the realisation that I will never create a clothing line so my imaginary name has become free for other purposes.
I have opened a shop in Etsy under the same name in an attempt to never have a regular job again. Realistic I know! And so this blog is born.


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